Take Control of Your Life

The mission of Live Athletic is to allow men and women to discover how to take control of, and enhance, their lives by achieving the leanstrong and high performing body they once had or have always wanted.

Upgrade Your Body, and Your Life!



It all starts with one simple, resounding statement…If you have a body, you are an athlete!

With helping you take advantage of an athletic lifestyle through the articles and coaching we provide, you will take your body and mind to a new level, a level that you want and deserve.

The Athletic Way is here to help you upgrade your body and in doing so, upgrade your life.



Who Is This Kyle Guy?


I’m sure you would at least like to know a little bit about me so you understand where the passion and dedication to helping individuals achieve an athletic body and life comes from.

I am also sure that you would like to know that I am a qualified professional and not just some guy who is regurgitating stuff from online or magazines, the news or some weekend personal trainer course…it takes years to build experience, not a few weeks or months!



  • Move well, then train hard
  • Maximize time and eliminate unnecessary extras
  • Make training and nutrition fit your lifestyle and your goals
  • Always train smart, train efficient and recover

Experience In The Trenches

  • Performance Enhancement Coach at TOP Fitness (current)
  • Head Performance Enhancement Coach with Momentum Physical Therapy and Performance Training
  • Interned with world renowned Cressey Performance
  • Contributing author to Livestrong, T-nation, STACK, etc.
  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) with the National Strength & Conditioning Association