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Welcome to The Athletic Way! 

My name is Kyle Arsenault and I am the owner and head performance coach of The Athletic Way located at 522 Donald St Unit 3 in Bedford, NH 03110. I am also the head coach and main author of  

The Athletic Way was developed for one reason, to help athletes of all ages and abilities upgrade their lives by achieving the athletic, high performing and resilient body they once had, or have always wanted.

The founding principles of The Athletic Way are based on one simple, resounding statement…If you have a body, you are an athlete!

By training your body like an athlete, and take advantage of an athletic lifestyle, you will achieve the physique, performance and confidence you desire!

An athlete’s first priority is the health and performance of their body. They train it, nourish it and allow it to recover from the rigors of sport and life. In doing so, they walk around confident as they show off the hard work and discipline they have come to enjoy and identify as part of their life.

By learning how to easily and seamlessly integrate smart training and healthy nutrition into your life, you will gain strength, lose fat and live knowing you are athletic and are ready to perform at a high level for whatever sport and life demands.


Success Stories

I am a 34 year old working mom and wife with not a lot of time..Kyle has designed a program that gets the job done right. Within 2 months I lost 3% body fat (and still going).Kyle has given me a gift that I would have never found on my own. He has given me the gift of strength, not only physically but mentally. What he is doing is literally giving the gift of a better life. I have become someone I have always wanted to be and never thought I could. I am forever grateful to him. ”

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Amy P
Not only has Kyle made me a healthier and more powerful individual, but he has shown me how to acheive the strength, power and body I want and need through a smarter way of training. The training routines and quick explosive sessions that are now implemented in my everyday life have placed me steps ahead of my peers…The training routines and methods Kyle has provided has and will forever impacted me and the Marines who have decided to jump aboard with me. Because of you, multiple Marines are now harder and healthier individuals, ready to answer any call…Semper Fidelis.

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USMC Sgt. Shane A
Along with movement, Kyle also helped me dial in my nutrition by teaching me the proper ways to fuel my body on training days and non-training days which has helped me to achieve the highest level of performance and wellness. My body is now leaner and looks better than ever, and it has stayed consistently lean since I met Kyle. With the knowledge he has given me, I am able to adjust training and nutrition to maintain my lean physique and always feel my best. Thank you Kyle!
Jamie A

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