Youth Performance

The Athletic Way Youth Performance program helps youth athletes achieve greater speed, strength and overall athleticism without falling victim to common overuse injuries that are plaguing today's youth athletes.


To prevent injuries that can limit athletes from achieving their full potential, keep them on the sideline in pain, and leave them discouraged. When youth athletes are coached to move well, they become more athletic for the longterm!


To enhance strength, power and quickness to help them outperform the competition. Youth athletes will be taught how to work to their full capacity, safely and with an overall goal of greater health and performance.

Live Athletic

In order to maximize health and performance for life which consists of healthy nutrition, recovering and enjoying a life full of sport and physical activity. Living athletic is a mindset we teach our youth athletes for longterm success.


Movement and Foundation (10-12 Years Old)

This program is designed to teach the youth athlete proper mechanics for acceleration and deceleration, change of direction and jumping, as well as develop smart strength the base movements for healthy sport performance (squat, hinge, lunge, push, pull, etc.). They will become better athletes, more confident and build a healthy and resilient body for the years to come.


Advanced Sport Performance (13-18 Years Old)

This program is designed to help youth athletes further their sport performance, strength, power and injury resiliency through their teenage and college years. Emphasis will be on power production in proper positions, acceleration, deceleration and overall agility. Strength development in all of the big patterns will be a priority, as well as dynamic strength (stability) of often compromised joint structures such as the spine, hip and shoulder.

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What are parents and athletes saying?

"Kyle at The Athletic Way has enabled our 15 year old daughter to correctly build the strength she needs to help protect herself from sports injuries and enhance her performance on the athletic field. Kyle's training has set Regan up for a lifetime appreciation of what it means and takes to stay strong.
Very grateful for Kyle.

Christine & Bill

"My experience with TAW has been nothing short of awesome. I have not only learned so much, but I have also progressed athletically. TAW has allowed me to push myself and stay injury free while I have worked to achieve my goal of becoming a Division 1 college baseball player."

Connor H.