mo ropes
meg slsa db row
Connor deadlift
Regan fsg lunge
ciara plank
Colleen C
josh k
Melissa sled
Melissa Adams Bike

"I began training with Kyle at The Athletic Way after rehabbing at AITC from a hip replacement. I was struggling with back pain and constant injuries. I had resigned myself into thinking I would be unable to do the things I love to do. After my first 12 weeks of training I was already seeing significant results. With Kyle's training and expertise I am now squatting and lifting more than I could have imagined! Kyle has designed my workout to deal with my issues and fears and given me the confidence to do exercises I thought I would never do again. I look at my workouts a different way by focusing on the muscles I am training rather than the fear of injury. I am excited to continue to make gains and do the activities I love to do. There is no other place I would rather train. Thank you Kyle for your confidence in me as an athlete and empowering me to work hard!"

- Mo G.

“I was feeling rundown, tired and a bit sad at my physical situation. At 42, I could not believe I felt “so old and broken.” My kids were gearing up for their ski race season and I was bummed about my knee pain and my shoulder pain. They were both keeping me from skiing, running and biking. All activities we do as a family. All activities I had hoped to do with my kids for the rest of my life. My evaluation and first month at TAW was a birthday gift from my husband. At the end of the evaluation, I knew I was in good hands. Kyle did a great job of explaining both my shoulder pain and my knee pain in a way I could understand. He immediately made me feel at ease about providing a training solution for both of them. I have been "getting after it” with Kyle at TAW for over a year and feel great! I can do things that used to make me cringe. I can hike with my kids up and down a mountain with confidence that my knee can do it! We just tried cross country skiing (an activity that I would have opted out of) and it was a blast! Our family was able to experience it together. With Kyle’s help, I know that our family will be able to create many more active adventures in the future in all four seasons. No more feeling old or tired. I feel strong and ready to spend time with my kids doing all sorts of fun things!”

- Meg O.

"My experience with TAW has been nothing short of awesome. I have not only learned so much but I have also progressed athletically. I enjoy the atmosphere and everyone that works out at TAW. Having a program set and made for just myself is awesome and other facilities don't have a program like that. Kyle not only pushes me, but he’s a great person and mentor as well!"

- Connor H | VCU Baseball Commit

"Kyle at Athletic Way has enabled our 15 year old daughter to correctly build the strength she needs to help protect herself from sports injuries and enhance her performance on the athletic field. Kyle’s training has set Regan up for a lifetime appreciation of what it means and takes to stay strong.

Very grateful to Kyle at The Athletic Way!"

- Bill & Christine | Regan O.

"TAW is a very friendly and encouraging environment. I have gained so much knowledge by being a TAW athlete from nutrition to training as a whole. I also have improved as an overall athlete from these exercises and have learned the correct ways to train. I am very grateful for TAW and feel that it has helped me gain strength for my sport where I have been lacking in the past."

- Ciara A.

"First of all, the knowledge that Kyle has about how the body's muscles and movements work is amazing! I love the way that he is able to explain things to me so I understand what or why something feels the way it does. Secondly, the way Kyle puts the workouts together allows me to walk out of TAW with the feeling that my whole body had a great workout. It still amazes me how he can take any exercise and make it more challenging or adjust it down a little to better fit my needs. Thirdly, how positive and encouraging Kyle is. He always has a smile on his face and is willing to help his athletes in any possible way he can. Finally, how Kyle specializes athletes' workouts to their sport or needs in order to help them get the results that they want. That is what makes Kyle and TAW so great!"

- Colleen C.

"For the past three months I have been working with Kyle. In preparation to becoming a college athlete I had met with multiple strength and conditioning trainers, and had yet to find one that suited me. I wanted to find someone who could push me as well as someone who could help me keep my body in the best condition possible. I was struggling with muscle and joint pain due to not lifting correctly. With Kyle’s experience in the realm of training, he was able to pinpoint where I was going wrong and help me to change my form and technique. Now I am back to lifting the weights I had in the past, and this time without the everyday aches and pains I had been experiencing. Going forward I know Kyle will continue to push me and help me become the athlete I strive to be. Thanks Kyle!"

- Josh K. | Maine Maritime Football

"I’m always impressed by the attention Kyle shows to each athlete on and off the gym floor, and his concern for how I’m doing with my progress and general well-being. I really like how the programs are updated every 4 weeks as it keeps things exciting. Again, Kyle's attention to detail with the programming, and his accommodation to my injuries is outstanding. The flexibility schedule-wise is insane and much appreciated! The atmosphere and environment at TAW, and variety of people I’ve met in the gym is awesome. I’ve gotten stronger and way more knowledgeable of my body and movements in the year or so I’ve been at TAW. And, I always appreciate the cleanliness of TAW big time!!"

- Holly J.

"The main components of TAW that I really enjoy are first the other members! It’s nice to work out regularly with the same group. You don’t get that experience in other gyms. I think it’s great how Kyle pulls us all together as a group, even though we are working on our own individual programs. I also appreciate the time Kyle puts into updating our programs. I am quite sure if I was working out on my own that I would simply be doing the same series of exercises that I have done for years with very little change. I also appreciate the flexibility in changing my scheduled days when I need to. That is a huge help to me!!"

- Maureen H.

I started seeing Kyle after an ACL injury. Prior to my injury, I had lived an active lifestyle as an avid runner, skier, and mountain biker. I was transitioning out of PT and looking for someone to help me continue to build back my knee strength as well as my overall fitness that was lost during my recovery time.
Kyle was fantastic in building me personalized programs that first safely built up a solid base focusing on proper form and technique. After only a few months of training with Kyle, I feel like I’ve made significant progress building back my overall strength and fitness. Kyle’s encouragement and program designs have also helped me mentally allowing me to feel like I can do hard things again while giving me an overall sense of accomplishment that I hadn’t felt since my injury.

- Melissa A.