If you find yourself on the road for work or vacation, or you are at home and can’t make it to the gym but you still need a high quality training program that will get you the results you want, TAW BBT is the perfect solution.

TAW BBT utilizes body weight and a band only to achieve a power, strength and conditioning in one comprehensive program.

There are two levels of programming so whether you are new to training, or are an experienced athlete, there is a program for you.

With TAW BBT you will forever have access to:

> Two different programs based on your level of fitness and conditioning. Each program has 3 main training sessions and is programmed for 4 weeks.

> Extra conditioning options.

> Access to exclusive videos explaining each exercise, as well as the specialized training methods utilized in the program.

> Nutritional guidance so you can maximize your results from training.

> Other tips to help you optimize your health, fitness and performance.

You will receive all of this for a one time payment of $28…that is a dollar per day for this 4 week training program.

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