MRT: The Key to More Muscle and Less Fat?!

This article was originally written in 2014, and in light of the upcoming seminar on Thursday November 16th (details below), I thought it would be a good time to update it and share it with everyone. Enjoy!... When I ask many of my athletes what their goals are, they usually

The 5 Most Common Push Up Mistakes, and How to Fix Them

The push up! It is one of the most versatile and effective exercises for upper body pushing strength, shoulder and shoulder girdle stability and to enhance core stability and energy transfer…it can basically turn you into Superman (or Superwoman) overnight.  Unfortunately, it is also one of the most butchered exercises.

3 Delicious and Healthy Snacks to Cure Your Nighttime Hunger (Or Any Time Hunger!!)

Here is an article I wrote a few years back, and I still rotate through these options as my nighttime snacks! I wanted to share this with you as I always receive questions about what we can eat for snacks, especially at night, that will support our us health and performance

Your Complete Minimal Equipment At Home Training Guide

When someone looks like they train regularly, you know, the guy or gal who is lean, muscular and confident, the fact is that they probably do! ( When it comes to achieving health, fitness and performance goals, and looking like you have been working for it, one of the most

For a Leaner, More Muscular Body…5 Ways to Boost Metabolism

***This post was one I originally wrote back in 2014, but the principles still apply as is the case with all of the most important principles when it comes to health, performance and fitness.  Sometimes even when we are doing mostly the right things when it comes to training and nutrition,

Advanced Core Training: The Last Step to a High Performing and Good Looking Core

This is the last piece of the “REAL Core Training” article series and here we will discuss the progressions from your basic core training, to some of the most advanced core training exercises. If you haven’t read PART I or PART II I suggest you do that first (just click

What is the Best Core Exercise??

“What is the best core training exercise?” This is a common question for those of us who are seeking to bulletproof our body, enhance performance and look damn good around the midsection. You may have even asked someone this yourself (or at least thought about it!). And at the risk

Prevent Injury, Enhance Performance and Look Great with REAL CORE TRAINING

The core. What is it? Well, I can tell you that t every single athlete I work with knows it is important. They know it is something they should strengthen and something they would like to have well defined, even “chiseled” if I King Leonidas (one of the best

How Many Days Should You Be Training For Your Goals?

“Training everyday is not good for you!” “If you aren’t getting the results you want just train more!” “2 days per week is all you need to train when you are looking to gain strength and add muscle.” “You should train different muscles each day of the week!” You may

You Don’t Have To…A Simple Mindset Shift for Success

Your cell phone buzzes.  You look down and see that your calendar is reminding you that it is time to get up, go to the gym and get a training session in. You take a deep breath, sigh and mutter to yourself, "I can't believe I HAVE TO go train right