You Can Be the Next Success Story!

 Jamie Before


  Jamie After


Working with Kyle brought me back to athletic body I had a collegiate athlete, and beyond. After having back surgery, it was hard for me to get in a good training session without pain. He taught me the fundamental rules and principals to movement that allowed me to get stronger and stronger without putting my body at risk for injury again. My body transformed back into the body I had as a college lacrosse player, but even better, my energy, stamina and overall health changed as well. Along with movement, Kyle also helped me dial in my nutrition by teaching me the proper ways to fuel my body on training days and non-training days which has helped me to achieve the highest level of performance and wellness. My body is now leaner and looks better than ever, and it has stayed consistently lean since I met Kyle. With the knowledge he has given me, I am able to adjust training and nutrition to maintain my lean physique and always feel my best. Thank you Kyle!

~Jamie A.


“I am a 34 year old working mom and wife with not a lot of time.  I wasn’t looking for a coach but luckily for me I got one.  Kyle is great at what he does, not only as a coach who knows what he’s doing but also as someone who makes you feel good about yourself no matter what level you are at.  I only have 1 hour to spare and during that short amount of time, 4 days a week, I get a fantastic workout that most importantly works.  Kyle has designed a program that gets the job done right.  Within 2 months I lost 3% body fat (and still going). Kyle has given me a gift that I would have never found on my own.  He has given me the gift of strength, not only physically but mentally.  What he is doing is literally giving the gift of a better life. I have become someone I have always wanted to be, and never thought I could. I am forever grateful to him.”

~Amy P


Not only has Kyle made me a healthier and more powerful individual, but he has shown me how to acheive the strength, power and  body I want and need through a smarter way of training. The training routines and quick explosive sessions that are now implemented in my everyday life have placed me steps ahead of my peers. Not only has the training improved my strength and health it has also given me more energy. As a quick example, Kyle put together a routine for me for one of my annual fitness tests that the Marine Corps requires. After sticking to this training  I managed to shatter the scores of the other Marines testing by close to 40 seconds. Therefore not only did he make me healthier and stronger he put me in a better spot for promotion and bragging rights of course. I have decided to truly stick to Kyle’s theory of not only hard, but smart and efficient work. There is no better feeling than watching a gym full of Marines struggle for two, even three hours a day in the gym and you walking out after 45-60 minutes, stronger, healthier and more resilient. The training routines and methods Kyle has provided has and will forever impacted me and the Marines who have decided to jump aboard with me. Because of you, multiple Marines are now harder and healthier individuals, ready to answer any call. From the bottom of my heart and on behalf of the Marines serving in my unit, thank you Kyle. Semper Fidelis.

~USMC Sgt. Shane A