“I need to give a shout out to Kyle and his book ” The Other 23 Hours.” I just finished it and it was awesome! Its an easy read and truly provides insights into how best to use the 23 hours of the day when you are not exercising. He has super nutritional tips, simple lifestyle changes, and a tremendous appendix of charts and graphs to help you eat better and get the most from your hard work in the gym.”

~Dave M


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Whether your a fitness professional who needs the edge to guarantee your clients RESULTS, the dedicated athlete looking to take your performance to the next level or someone who is searching for optimal health and fitness, The Other 23 Hours provides you with exactly EVERYTHING you need to know, and EVERYTHING you need to do throughout your day in order to maximize health, performance and looks.

With this easy to understand read, you will be provided with all the critical information about, and exactly what to do to finally take control of your day in order to achieve all of your fitness, athletic and aesthetic goals. Topics that are covered include:

1) Training: Although The Other 23 Hours was written with the main purpose of informing you about how to maximize your day outside of training, training is still absolutely crucial and warrants discussion. Quick, to the point…only what you need to incorporate for the greatest results!

2) Nutrition: Top nutritional principles you need to know about, better meal and snack options, recipes, pre and post training nutrition, grocery lists, the truth about alcohol and fat, other frequently asked questions and much more.

3) Dining Out: Quick and simple tips to keep your meal healthy and lower calorie but still delicious…saving you from health, performance and aesthetic destroying choices.

4) Physical Activity: Easy ways to accumulate more physical activity during your day to burn extra calories, strip fat, keep your body healthy and pain free, recover from intense training and more quickly achieve your fitness goals.

5) Posture and Breathing: How critical both posture and breathing are for health, performance, fat loss, stress reduction and how to achieve proper posture and breathing patterns to maximize results.

6) Grocery Shopping and Kitchen Set Up: How to make sure your grocery trip and kitchen are working for you, not against you…grocery list, shopping tips, essential items list, kitchen layout and set up and more.

7) And MoreThe Other 23 Hours covers it all!


“The best $10 I’ve invested in a looooonnnnggggg time!!!!”
~Tom M


Get your copy for under $10!


The Other 23 Hours provides you with a bulleted section of all the key points on exactly what you need to do. This section called Your “Other 23 Hours in 20 Minutes,” along with over a dozen charts that layout every principle, allows you to immediately implement the principles covered…unlike other books, you don’t have to read the entire book to start making drastic changes…although I’d recommend reading it!

Now it’s up to you. Will you let your day continue to prevent you from being the healthiest, most athletic and best looking ever! With The Other 23 Hours at your fingertips you will have everything you need to know to optimize your entire day and maximize your training and fitness results.


“I just purchased the book and am already using some of the hints, and starting to read the rest. Kyle does a great job with the writing so you can understand and apply it right away…I can’t wait to read the rest!”

~Lori S


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Get your copy for under $10!