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If you want the FASTEST, most CERTAIN and PAIN FREE way to feel and look better than ever by achieving the strong, lean and resilient body you once had or have always wanted…just fill in the form below!

From Kyle Arsenault and Family

Owner of The Athletic Way (TAW)

Dear New Friend of The Athletic Way,

You’re here because one of the awesome members of our fitness family, partners or friends referred you to us…or because you want to refer yourself. 

Yep, you can even refer yourself and receive The Greatest Health, Fitness and Performance Gift Ever (as long as you’re not already a member).

The purpose of this free gift is to give you the most powerful kick start towards your goal of getting healthy, lean and strong…so you look, feel and perform better, with more confidence and certainty than ever!

This isn’t just some ebook, or video tutorial, or collection of “helpful” articles.

This valuable package of services and tools guides you, step-by-step…into ACTION. It puts you on the fastest track to your healthiest, highest performing and best looking body. 

I’m talking about REAL transformation…the BEST version of you.

But right now you might not believe you can do that. And that’s okay. 

Just lean on me! 

I have been changing bodies and lives for a long time, with a documented track record of success (see below). And I’ll prove to you that you can transform into the person you most want to be, faster than you think, by following this plan…

Here’s What Your $375 Value Gift Includes…100% FREE

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The Fastest and Most Certain Way

This is the GREATEST health, fitness and performance gift pack ever because it puts you on the fastest, most certain path to the improvements you want.

Here’s why I can say that truthfully and confidently…

There are lots of places offering you a free trial. 

And that’s nice. But what’s it really worth to you?

You get access to equipment or some classes. That’s it.

So what?

A treadmill, squat rack or ab machine isn’t going to change your body. Neither are a few spinning, HIIT or bootcamp workouts. 

That stuff is only marginally helpful without these 3 key things:

A PLAN based on your specific goals, abilities and available time. That plan is your MAP. It’s what gets you where you want to go. And that’s why the very first thing I do is give you the Transformation FastTrack(™) Personalized Prescription.

A PROCESS for turning your enthusiasm and effort into a HABIT. Nothing can do that for you more quickly and certainly than the TAW Performance Habits Daily Worksheets.

A COACH who understands and motivates you to stick to the PLAN. A person who cares about helping you achieve your goal, who answers your questions, instructs, inspires, uplifts, and nudges you along on those days when you’re “just not feeling it” –  which happens to all of us.

Nobody else provides that kind of value right up front, before you spend a single dollar. But I do. Why? Because someone I care about referred you to TAW. They TRUST me to take care of you – to truly HELP you. And I’m not about to let them down, or let you down.

That’s why I go the extra mile with this gift.

If that makes sense to you, then you’re in the right place, and I hope you’ll accept this gift, without cost or obligation to buy anything from TAW.

Just enter your name and email below to get it all right now:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s additional information about The Greatest Health, Fitness and Performance Gift Pack Ever, and about TAW. If you have questions that are not answered here, just give Kyle a call at (603) 315-6329 or email Kyle at Kyle@theathleticway.com.

Q: Can I really get this gift pack for free by referring myself?

A: Yes, you can! However you got here, we’re just happy you’re here. And since you’ve read this far, you’re clearly interested in getting healthier, leaner and stronger. So go ahead and enter your name and email into the form to grab that great 6-pack of gifts for free. 

We’ll call it a self-referral. ☺

Q: Why do you provide such a valuable gift pack for free?

A: Actually, there are 3 reasons:

First, all of TAW’s best members come to us by referral. I love working with great people, so I do everything I can to get more of you!

Second, I’d rather GIVE awesome value to you…than BUY a bunch of advertising. Businesses that advertise a lot tend to pay for it by charging their customers more. I’d rather GIVE you more value, not TAKE more of your money.

And third, members love to refer TAW because they trust me to deliver body (and life) transforming results to the people they care about. So I’ve created a fun, win-win referral program. You obviously win big with this $375 value gift pack. Local charities win because I donate $5 for every referral. And TAW wins, because I get to help you become the best version of yourself.

Q: Which charities do you donate to?

A: When you request this gift pack by completing the form on this page, TAW donates $5 to one of the excellent local charities here in the Bedford area. It’s my way of paying it forward to the awesome community that has supported The Athletic Way for over the years.

There are a handful of local charities to donate to. They change periodically. For a current list, give me a call at (603) 315-6329. And remember, your Health, Fitness and Performance Gift Pack is absolutely free. You don’t pay a single dollar. So the $5 donation to charity comes from TAW, on your behalf.

Q: I’m not sure if you can help me. What type of people do you usually work with?

A: The Athletic Way specializes in helping adults age 35+ reclaim their lives by achieving the stronger, leaner and more resilient body they once had, or have always wanted, without feeling frustrated by aches, pains or injuries. 

Many TAW members love to be active, feel strong and have fun, but have either fallen out of fitness, or have run into nagging aches/pains or injuries that prevent them from doing so.  

I love helping individuals like this increase their confidence with their physical performance, allowing them to do all the things they love once again, all while chasing down the body the want and deserve!

Q: Where are you located and what’s the best way to contact you?

Also, be sure to take a look at what TAW members say about their experience (further down on this page). They will give you a good feel for who TAW helps. And, if you’re just not sure, call me at (603) 315-6329. I’m happy to answer any questions you have.

Why People Say The Athletic Way is the Best in Town

At TAW we have a wonderful community – a real “fitness family” that supports, motivates and encourages one another. And that kind of caring accountability is priceless and one the difference-makers.

Here’s what some of TAW’s great members have to say. (These comments are from real people. You’ll probably meet these folks at some point.)

“With Kyle’s training and expertise I am now doing things I though I’d never be able to do again…and then some!”

~Mo G

“I began training with Kyle at The Athletic Way after rehabbing at AITC from a hip replacement. I was struggling with back pain and constant injuries, and had resigned myself into thinking I would be unable to do the things I love to do. After my first 12 weeks of training I was already seeing significant results. With Kyle’s training and expertise I am now doing things I though I’d never be able to do again…and then some! Kyle has designed my workout to deal with my issues and fears and given me the confidence to do exercises I thought I would never do again. I look at my workouts a different way by focusing on the movements and muscles I am training rather than the fear of injury. After 2 years of working with Kyle and The Athletic Way, I am still excited to continue to make gains and do the activities I love to do. There is no other place I would rather train. Thank you Kyle for your confidence in me as an athlete and empowering me to work hard!”

“No more feeling tired and old. I feel strong and ready to spend time with my kids doing all sorts of fun things!”

~Meg O

“I was feeling rundown, tired and a bit sad at my physical situation. At 42, I could not believe I felt “so old and broken.” My kids were gearing up for their ski race season and I was bummed about my knee pain and my shoulder pain. They were both keeping me from skiing, running and biking. All activities we do as a family. All activities I had hoped to do with my kids for the rest of my life. Now I have been “getting after it” with Kyle at TAW for over a year and feel great! I can do things that used to make me cringe. I can hike with my kids up and down a mountain with confidence that my knee can do it! We just tried cross country skiing (an activity that I would have opted out of) and it was a blast! Our family was able to experience it together. With Kyle’s help, I know that our family will be able to create many more active adventures in the future in all four seasons. No more feeling old or tired. I feel strong and ready to spend time with my kids doing all sorts of fun things!”

“I feel like I’m in the best shape of my life”

~Brent B

“I feel like I’m in the best shape of my life as I am able to train hard, reach higher performance and fitness goals, all while mitigating injury or actually recovering from injury and making my body more resilient.”

You’re Here Right Now For A Reason

TAW can help you. I’m pretty sure you feel that in your gut. So don’t put this off. 30 days from now you can be exactly where you are now. Or you can be well on your way to a healthier, leaner, stronger and better looking body. Just complete the form below. I look forward to meeting you and helping you become the best version of yourself!