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30 08, 2016

5 Nutrition Myths You Need to Know About…and Ignore

“You need to eat less fat” “Cut out the carbs and you will be just fine” “Don’t eat past 6pm…the food will be stored as fat” “You don't need a lot of protein” “Don’t eat dairy…it is bad for you!” If you are into your health and fitness, or have

21 08, 2016

Yoga, Stretching and Relative Stiffness…What You NEED to Know!

Two of the most common talked about topics in the fitness world are yoga and stretching. While there are different camps describing the good, the bad and the ugly of both, I do not subscribe to any one camp. I feel that yoga can be good, and extremely beneficial for

13 08, 2016

8 Tips for Recovery

When an athlete, whether a competitive athlete, recreational athlete or everyday athlete is looking to further their health, performance and/or looks, the most common question is, “What else can I add to my training?” Or they may make a statement such as, “I just need to work harder!” While I

31 07, 2016

The One Thing That Will Help You Reach Any Fitness Goal: Part II

  If you missed part I of this article where we discussed why more muscle is a good thing, check it out HERE before continuing on. Since you read part I, you now know that building muscle is almost always a good thing. The only exception can occur when someone

22 07, 2016

The One Thing That Will Help You Reach Any Fitness Goal: Part I

No matter what your main fitness goals are, whether that be getting more athletic, losing some fat, gaining good weight or preparing for the 1st annual Pokemon Go national championship (because you will need some crazy stamina for that), accruing more muscle mass will almost always help.     Not only

6 07, 2016

13.5 Tips for Nutrition, Training and ENJOYING Vacation

For the majority of us, one of the things we look forward to the most every year is vacation, myself included. In fact, as I write this I am sitting on the beach in the Dominican Republic soaking up the sun...well, more like hiding from the sun but you know what

26 06, 2016

5 Key Nutritional Tips for Busy Athletes

If purchasing, prepping and cooking healthy food that tasted good were easy, every athlete  would be walking around resembling those of ancient Sparta.   Unfortunately when times are busy, nutrition is one of the first things get tossed to the wayside. It is at no fault to the busy athlete,

19 06, 2016

How Training Almost Killed Me…Then Saved Me

Like most performance enhancement coaches, I pursued a career in the industry because I love to train, be athletic and look good without clothes on...and I knew this from a very early age. When I was in 7th grade my father introduced me to my first "true" training session. Back