TAW Registration Form

Please take a moment to complete the form to the right. If you prefer to complete a written form of the questionnaire you can download it below and email it to kyle@theathleticway.com.

TAW Questionnaire

In order to make this the greatest experience for you, the more specific the information I have about you, the better I will be able to qualify you for coaching, and the better the program I will be able to build for you. Please answer the following questions in the most detail possible.

Are you on any medications or do you have any other restrictions to training or exercises.
How long have you been training? Why did you choose this type of training? Etc.
After each goal please explain why it is a goal.
Quote, book, movie, TV show, music, meal, pastime/hobby, and sport/team?
Do you have...a husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend (name & interests) Kids (names, interests, sports, etc.) Siblings (names, interests, sports, etc.) Occupation/Student (position/title, hours, etc.) Living Situation (live by yourself, roommates, family, etc.)
What exactly are you struggling with? Why do you need coaching? Do you have any previous experience with a coach/trainer, good or bad? Why would you be a good athlete/client for me to program for and coach?