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In order to make this the greatest experience for you, the more specific the information I have about you the better I will be able to qualify you for coaching, and the better the program I will be able to build for you. Please answer the following questions in the greatest detail possible.

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Do you have an injury history and medical conditions, illnesses, are you on any medications or do you have any other implications to training or exercise?

What is your training history (how long have you been training, why type of training, etc.)?

What are your specific goals? After each goal please explain why it is a goal.

How many days per week do you have to train?

How long do you have for each training session (an hour, half of an hour, etc.)?

What training equipment do you have available?

Next, I would like to further get to know you better and have a little fun. Again, this will allow me to better qualify you for training as well as build a more comprehensive training program. Please be specific and have fun with the answers.

What is your favorite (quote, book, movie, TV show, music, meal of the day, pastime/hobby, sport/team etc.)

Please describe the following. You can give as much or as little detail as you’d like. Again the more detail the better the outcome. Do you have…A Husband / Wife / Boyfriend / Girlfriend (name and interests):
Kids (names and interests, sports, etc.):
Brothers or sisters (name and interests):
Occupation/student (position, sitting or standing or combo, hours worked at a time):
Living situation (live by yourself, roommates, family, etc.)

Lastly, because I’m busy and can only take on a few athletes, I have to be selective. To help me further understand why you are applying for coaching and why you qualify for coaching please answer the following questions in the greatest detail possible…And then that is it. Check the box and fill out the last few questions. Thank you for your time and the information and I will be contacting you soon!

What exactly are you struggling with?

Why do you need coaching?

Do you have any previous experience with a coach/trainer, good or bad?

Why would you be a good athlete/client for me to program for and coach?

On a 10 scale (1 being the lowest, 10 the highest) what is your level of dedication to your training, and any needed lifestyle and nutritional modifications?