Who is Kyle Arsenault?

I’m sure you would at least like to know a little bit about me so you understand where the passion and dedication to helping individuals achieve an athletic body and life comes from. I am also sure that you would like to know that I am a qualified professional and not just some guy who is regurgitating stuff from online or magazines, the news or some weekend personal trainer course…it takes years to build experience, not a few weeks or months!

If all you want are my professional credentials, you can skip to the bullet points below. If you want to truly know about my experiences, and how my experiences have allowed me to help many achieve the body and life they want, take a few minutes and read on.


There is a reason I have an unequivocal passion for helping others obtain a lean, strong and athletic body, as well as the life full of confidence and happiness that results from it. It is because I have been there…lean, strong, athletic, happy and confident, but then I LOST IT!

As a youth I was fortunate enough to travel the nation playing basketball against the best competition there was (yes, some of those guys are in the NBA now). I had a lot of fun playing sports, being strong. I loved being one of the best players and I loved WINNING.

Early on I realized that if I worked a little harder than most to achieve a body that was stronger, faster and more agilie I would have more success…so I took up training (weight lifting, agilities, etc.) at the age of 13.

And I was right! I was able to outperform most, even when I wasn’t quite as skillful. The stronger I was, the quicker I became, the better I could cut, run and jump…and not just when it came to basketball. Whenever there were any pick-up games with my buddies I was one of the first to be chosen for a team regardless of what we were playing. If I was out on a physical venture (hiking, rock climbing, off road biking, kayaking, etc.) I was always the one having tons of fun and not struggling to have a blast.

Oh, and I was able to sculpt a body that turned heads (lean, ripped and muscular), and had plenty of people asking me just how I did it. Not to mention I had a fair share of ladies asking to hang out!

But let me be 100% clear…I am not telling you all this to brag, but to show you how achieving an athletic body that looked good and performed well gave me the confidence everyone wants, the happiness that comes with it, and a life I was having fun with and enjoying.

But then something happened. I got injured, BAD. Long story short, I trained extremely hard and come to find out (after becoming educated) that I had some skipped some fundamental steps along the way…which happens all too often. Individuals and athletes have the best of intentions to get strong, athletic and lean only to work themselves into injury down the road when training isn’t right (this is what I will help you with!). For me this meant eventual hip surgery (both hips, not replacements but “clean up”).

I went from being an extremely active individual who sported an athletic body and life, to someone who could barely do anything physically. Not only did all of my hard earned results (my physique and athleticism) start to wither away, but my mental state was in jeopardy, BIG TIME. I didn’t enjoy seeing people, going on vacations, eating out, or any of the other social activities that were previously awesome. I was unable to do things I loved, like playing sports, hiking, biking and just messing around with my friends and family. Food didn’t taste as good and things I used to laugh at just weren’t funny anymore. The athletic body I had was gone, and so too was the life.

But before you feel too bad for me, I am happy to say that I feel that I am finally on track to getting back to the athletic life, and I have learned A LOT along the way.

One being that training hard is great, but training hard AND smart is what it is all about! I have come to realize that I actually could have spent way less time training (and being so extreme about it) and more time enjoying the results if I would have trained hard AND smart for all of those years.

And that is exactly what I plan on sharing with you. The info and programs found here are all to show you how you can train (and live) hard AND smart in order to have the best body and life possible. When you do it the smart way, the hard actually becomes easier!

So I know what it feels like to be on top of the world, feel great and be confident. I also know how it feels to be down, self-conscious and completely unhappy with my physical appearance and abilities. That is why I am so passionate about helping others achieve the athletic body and life  that everyone should have and enjoy! If you have ever had an athletic body and life, or have ever wished for it, I know that it may seem impossible to get back, or achieve in the first place. But in reality, when you follow a few key principles, an athletic body and life are not that far away. My hope is that everyone can experience it, and that is why I am here to help you along the way! (Go HERE for an individualized training program).

With that, what follows are my professional credentials. You can see that it has taken years to build my experience (I started in high school and have been going ever since), and along the way I have helped many with the journey to earning an athletic body and enjoying the athletic life.

If You Are Ready to “Live the Athletic Way”