Kick Covid in the Cheddar Cheeseballs 28 Day Challenge

HOLY HELL I’m excited!


Because this coming Monday (4/20) we are kicking off the first ever TAW Challenge!

From all of the great feedback I’ve been receiving, this is what I came up with to address what everyone needs right now. 

Here are the details…

Kick Covid in the Cheddar Cheeseballs 28 Day Challenge!

What You Will Receive

1) A 4 week at home program designed to attack metabolic conditioning– There will be 3 main training days all designed to get the heart rate up and calories burnin’. 

There will also be three 10 minute supplemental sessions you can perform on your off days included in the program.

***If you already have a TAW at home program you can still use that in place of this program. You can use the program you will receive from the Challenge as a supplemental program, or mix and match…either way works as the most important part is that you are getting after it!

2) A warm up that will be used during the sessions, as well as extra soft tissue, mobility and activation work. 

3) A simple nutritional guide that will discuss the big rocks that you will need to focus on, as well as the weekly challenges to help you make the most progress possible. 

4) Accountability and community– you will be addd to The Athletic Way Community Facebook group. Here I will share weekly videos about the challenge and any new ways to get points. We can interact with each other, share our progress, as well as send Kyle (that’s me) the point total for the day.

And just what are these points for??

5) Prizes– There will be some sweet prizes such as a free massage from TAW massage therapist Jamie Arsenault (ya, my boo), a gift card to a local restaurant of your choice, some TAW swag, and more. 

Points will be awarded for completed training sessions, extra 20 minute walks, extra foam rolling, mobility and activation sessions, nutritional habits and more. 

Basically every day you will have the opportunity to accrue a set amount of points, and you will share that total in the group. I will record it in a “Leaderboard Document” that will be updated daily. 

Lastly, there will be bonus points awarded to the participant who loses the most body weight percentage (weight lost divided by starting weight), and to the participant who refers the most people to the challenge. The participant who refers the most participants will receive a bonus 10 points right off the bat…so starting forwarding this to your friends and family! 

6) The ability to be part of a greater cause– For every participant I will be donating a part of the challenge fee to a charity that we will vote on as a group. 

And the more participants the more money that goes to charity. It will go like this.

0-25 participants = $10 from each participant’s fee will go to charity
26-50 participants = $15 from each participant’s fee will go to charity
51+ participants = $20 from each participant’s fee will go to charity

So you can see the more we have participate in this challenge the more money we generate for a charity. 

With that, there is no physical barrier to participating, so everyone we know can take part in the challenge! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let everyone you know about this challenge…it is going to be a blast!

So what will all of this cost? 

I want to help as many people as possible (you, your friends, family, co-workers, teammates, etc.) so it is only $49 for the entire 4 week challenge…that’s $12.25 per week!

Simply email me at to register and I will send along a payment link!

Can’t wait to get this kicked off, and to help as many people as possible!

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