You Don’t Have To…A Simple Mindset Shift for Success

Your cell phone buzzes. 

You look down and see that your calendar is reminding you that it is time to get up, go to the gym and get a training session in.

You take a deep breath, sigh and mutter to yourself, “I can’t believe I HAVE TO go train right now.

“Right there, with those two words, you have already lost your upcoming training session. 

With those two words that many of us use on a daily basis. Whether we are actually speaking out loud, or we are thinking to ourselves.


“I HAVE TO get up and go to work/school.”

“I HAVE TO make my breakfast, pack my lunch and take a shower.”

“I HAVE TO work/study all day, go train/workout afterwards and then make dinner when I get home.”

“I HAVE TO spend time with my husband/wife/kids and get to bed so I can just do it all over again tomorrow.”

Does this sound familiar?

Well, I can tell you that by making one simple change to your words and thoughts, you can shift your whole mindset and outlook on training, health, fitness, your job and anything else that is part of your life. 

Make the switch from “HAVE TO” to “GET TO.”

Try it out!

“I GET TO get up and go to work/school.”

“I GET TO workout today.”

“I GET TO make a healthy dinner and spend time with my family.”

When you make this simple change to the way you approach your thoughts and your day, everything becomes sooooooo much more positive.



And if that isn’t enough, take a second and think about those who no longer can, or never did have the the ability to “HAVE TO.”

Maybe it is someone who was born with a physical and/or mental condition that doesn’t allow them to do certain things as are typically done, such as go to work/school, workout, make healthy food, etc. 

Or maybe this is someone who used to be able to “HAVE TO” do things, and for whatever unfortunate reason they no longer can. 

Or maybe, someone made a sacrifice for their country, and no longer has they physical or mental capacity to “HAVE TO.” Or just maybe, someone made the ultimate sacrifice, is no longer with us and can no longer say “HAVE TO.”




“HAVE TO” would not be a part of their vocabulary! 



So, today, I’m encouraging you to shift your mindset to “GET TO”.

The next time your phone goes off reminding you that it is time to get up and get after a training session, think to yourself, “I GET TO go workout.”

Because the truth is, you don’t have to do anything in life. You don’t have to be fit, healthy and confident. 

You GET TO be fit, healthy and confident.

You GET TO train hard, eat well and become the best version of yourself.

So when times get hard, a training session is just not your first choice, remember, you GET TO do these things. 

This is something I’ve been working on for a while now, and something I still find myself struggling with and reverting back to the nasty “HAVE TO” every so often. And this is something that came up again in the book I am reading through right now…Training an Elite Mindset by Brain Cain.  

And although this mindset shift is not something that will occur over night for 100% of your thoughts, it is something you can consciously implement and over time it will become part of your daily take on life.

Let others know about this simple, maybe not easy, but simple mindset shift to help them approach their training, nutrition and overall performance with a different, more positive tone. 

Thoughts, comments, questions? Leave them below or reach out to me on FACEBOOK, because you GET TO!

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