Back Pain When Stretching and Reversing a Caved In Chest


Over the past few months I have had the pleasure of reworking some short articles for

The goal was to update articles that may have been out of date or missing some key information. Most of the articles I have chosen to rework and provide helpful updates to are centered around proper movement and technique, and training to help prevent pain and dysfunction.

Below are two of the articles.

The first helps answer why your back may actually be hurting more when you stretch, and how you should actually be stretching and attacking the lower back. And even if your back doesn’t hurt, you want to make sure you are stretching and doing the right exercises to help protect the lower back. 

The second article covers strategies to help you reverse and prevent a caved in chest, which is often a product of todays technology driven world as well as an unbalanced approach to training. 

Check them out and let me know if you have any questions! There are many more that I will send your way soon!

  1. My Back Hurts More After Stretching
  2. How to Reverse a Caved In Chest
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