Building Explosive Core Strength and Rotational Power for Lacrosse Players: Part II

Building Explosive Core Strength and Rotational Power for Lacrosse Players: Part II



If you haven’t yet read part I of this series I would encourage you to first check it out HERE

The exercises and principles in part I set the foundation from which lacrosse players can start to implement more sport specific exercises to further enhance their rotational strength and power. This is how we establish a great base to build our athletes from at TOP Fitness.




Once the lacrosse player has demonstrated their ability to control their spine and hip position from more basic positions such as with planks, birddogs and dead bugs (part 1), it is now time to challenge their ability to control them through various positions.

First getting into more sport specific positions, positions that transfer more to sprinting and running are the next step. Doing so while completing diagonal patterns help to more closely mimic the forces they will experience and produce when shooting for example. 

The following two exercises are great to teach the lacrosse player to control their position when one hip is flexed and one is extended as it is when they are sprinting, as well as when they have a force coming across their body as when shooting.


  1. 1/2 Kneel Chops

Starting in the 1/2 kneeling position allows the athlete to better understand what he/she is looking for in this position. 

This diagonal chopping pattern also more closely resembles the angle of shooting. 



2) Split Stance Chops

The split stance position further challenges the athlete to control position as they now lose a contact point with the ground. 

This position is directly related to that of a sprinting or running pattern, and also continues to utilize the diagonal pattern as with a shot. 



Once the athlete demonstrates that they can control the position and rotational forces during the previous exercises we can now work into producing rotation!


3) Rotational Cable Chops  w. Cook Bar

Optimal rotation for lacrosse players starts with the lower body and is transferred through the core, and finishes with the upper body. 

The rotational cable chops simulates the sequence that must occur to optimally produce rotation from a more controlled stance. 



4) Rotational Cable Chops w/ Step (emphasize hip separation)

Now comes the more specific rotational pattern, directly mimicking the sequence that occurs with a shot. 

This exercise allows the athletes to utilize the previous strength and control work and now exploit it to produce specific rotation. 

This is also where the lacrosse player can emphasize what is known as hip separation, or the ability to generate power from the lower body, transfer it through the core and finish with the upper body in a “sling shot” fashion. 

Perfecting hip separation is key as it creates an “elastic band” effect that allows the athlete to produce the most explosive rotational power possible. 



Coming Up in Part III: The “Fun” Stuff

With the work that was completed in the first two phases of creating explosive core strength and rotational power, the lacrosse player is now ready to implement the “fun” stuff.

The last phase more specifically trains the hip separation and elastic effect that will allow the athlete to produce the most rotational power possible through more explosive actions with cable work that is even more specific to shot positions, as well as with med ball throws. 

The last part of this series will also touch upon the other factors that lacrosse players need to train in order to develop maximal core strength and rotational power and be able to use it on the field. 

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