28 09, 2016

The Easiest Way to Get More From Your Warm Up

The warm up... Many think it is unimportant and skip it all together, others tout it as the most important part of your training program and end up spending 30 minutes on it. While I am in the camp that a training session is either set up for success or failure

21 09, 2016

Your Goals Are Holding You Back!…and Some Fat Loss Tips

Your goals are what is actually holding you back! Or at least the way you think about your goals. There was a study done a while back (1979) where Harvard students were asked if they had clear written goals for the future and a plan to achieve them. The results... 84%

13 09, 2016

You Are Going to Have Hip Pain, Unless…

When you are physically active, train and/or play sports, you unfortunately have a greater chance to experience pain. And no, pain is not “just a part of it,” or at least it should not be! One of the goals of training is to reduce the risk of pain and potential

9 09, 2016

Decision Fatigue Could Be Ruining Your Progress…Don’t Let It!

Should I have eggs or oatmeal for breakfast? A protein shake sounds good too. Even Greek Yogurt and berries would be really good this morning. But wait, how about pancakes or waffles? Or maybe one of those frozen baked goods I have in the freezer.   And after breakfast maybe

3 09, 2016

In-Season Training for Competitive and Everyday Athletes

One of the most common questions we are asked is what is the difference between in-season training and off-season training for athletes. While our training philosophy doesn't change much, what does change are the constraints on our athletes.  They have less time to dedicate to training as they are practicing